Company Profile

Advanced Business Center is a leading Middle Eastern Company based in the Kingdom of Bahrain, it established in the year 2002 in Dubai-UAE and moved to Bahrain in the year 2007. ABC is a member of a group of Companies with strategically located branches in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Iran optimizing customer service and enhancing logical support between the branches through integration in areas such as technical, logistical, operational support, procurement, sourcing, and related services to clients doing business in the Middle East and Central Asia regions. With our business partner offices in China , Hong Kong , USA and Europe enable us the opportunity to source materials and services required to meet the needs of our clients. We can boost internal efficiency with a competitive edge. Potential suppliers are carefully interviewed and asked to provide revised pricing as competition dictates. Our job is to find good quality with low cost products in local and overseas markets. ABC is proud to have the highest customer loyalty and retention rate in the industry; we maintain the reputation of competitive sourcing by proper management and professional team. It is our tool to benchmark our organization against other possible service providers, to stimulate our own organization and think of ways to change in order to become the best we can be. We conduct public-private competitions to assess how best to deliver services. For us, competitive sourcing is about using competition as a way to enhance business results within the Government and the private Sectors. Our professionals and specialist teams ready to respond quickly to any short notice tasks, accelerated work schedules and management of multiple simultaneous projects.

"It is our pleasure to serve and satisfy our clients"